Alessandra D'Almo

Perhaps you’ve booked a holiday to a busy/ rural/urban/obscure (delete as appropriate) destination in Italy and now have upon you the tremendous task of designing an epic holiday itinerary.

Or, maybe you’re just finally contemplating that first trip to Italy (now that you’ve found yourself a significant other) but have no idea where to start.

Or, perhaps you fancy yourself as a connoisseur of all things Italian and just want to learn a little bit more about that rhum baba you tried in Naples by accident.

Hurrah! You're in the right place. Living in Italian is a platform for all of you.

I’m Alessandra,  founder, content creator and curator of Living in Italian, your one-stop destination for exploring Italy, region by region.

Living in Italian provides honest insights into local and regional Italy, the good and the bad. Insider guides, observations, restaurant reviews, recipes, advice on how to recreate local Italy in your own home – it’s all there. Living in Italian is a collaboration, a curation, a celebration – if you will – of Italy, region by region. 

Stick the kettle on or pour yourself a generous glass of decent plonk and have a good mosey round.

Much love, Alessandra xx