Four reasons to visit: Punta Chiappa


Punta Chiappa is really a secret Italians have kept to themselves. Whilst you might find it mentioned in passing in a guidebook on the Italian Riviera, the site is rarely frequented by international tourists.

Part of the reason it’s remained off the radar probably lies in how difficult it is to describe it.. ‘It’s a sort of large rock which sticks out from the mountain, and you'll need to walk down lots and lots of steps to reach it’ doesn't really sell it. Plus, Chiappa actually means ‘buttock’ in Italian, which makes it sound infinitely less romantic than the reality. 

Here are just four reasons to visit this rocky promontory.

1. The Water

The water here is so clear and calm, you’ll be able to witness lots of tiny little fish assaulting your feet in high definition without any problem. It’s secluded, tranquil and the perfect place to practice your breaststroke. It’s also considered one of the most diverse and stunning marine sights in the area, so if you’re a keen snorkeler it’s worth bringing your kit. 

Reasons to visit Punta Chiappa Liguria Camogli

2. The Scenery

This dramatic backdrop does not look dissimilar to what I imagine Neverland to look like. It might not have a beach but the huge stretches of rock formations surrounded by rock pools make for a perfect site for some secluded sunbathing. Punta Chiappa is probably most famous for changing the colour of the sea in the surrounding waters, and if you stick around for long enough you’ll be able to see it for yourself. 

Reasons to visit punta chiappa camogli

3. This Restaurant

Oh Spadin. I could write a poem about you. Fresh fish straight from the Gulf Paradiso and Tigullio, friendly service and THAT view. Need I say more? Make sure you make a reservation, no room for impromptu lunchtime decisions here. 

Reasons to visit punta chiappa camogli

4. The Walk...

It’s easy enough to take the boat here but you’ll miss out on half the fun. The route begins in San Rocco (around a thirty-minute walk from Camogli) and descends for around forty minutes through sections of the Portofino Veta woodlands and across the coast. En-route you’ll see the church of San Nicolo di Capodimonte, built by the monks of St Rufus, located on a tiny square. It does involve walking down many, many steps (which obviously means you later have to walk up many, many steps) but it's worth it for some of the most spectacular views in the region. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see the whole gulf and right ahead to Corsica. 


reasons to visit punta chiappa camogli

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