Where to stay in Rome: Campanella3


Campanella3 is the sort of treasure you find and immediately want to keep to yourself, for fear others will spoil it.

I’m afraid I became a bit like Gollum from Lord of the Rings after my stay here. 

Lovely large,bright bedroom

Lovely large,bright bedroom

You hear the phrase ‘home away from home’ chucked around a lot on Trip Advisor and such like, but thats exactly what Campanella3 feels like. It’s a small guesthouse, comprising only four rooms and a large well stocked kitchen and seating area, which have been lovingly kitted out by the owners of the establishment - Ivan and Antonella. 

Attention to detail is at every level - each room is furnished with antiques from the Middle East, fitted with an LCD television, air conditioning and wifi.  The beds, to my glee, are the sort made with crisp white linen and pillows filed with enough fluff to line a few dozen geese. All rooms are ensuite - large, well-equipped spaces with the kinds of tiles you could start an Instagram account about. 

My room was, frankly, a feat of constructional genius. Large, with a writing desk in the corner and a small laptop for all my research needs. It also featured an exceedingly large cupboard - come- functional kitchen, complete with hob, fridge and crockery - as well as fully stocked cupboards and fridge. 

The niftiest kitchen I have ever seen 

The niftiest kitchen I have ever seen 

Ivan and Antonella are the sort of Italian B&B owners you can only dream of. Informal but efficient and professional, they run a tight hands on quality control here. All guests are greeted personally, shown around the place and given a thorough introduction to the Eternal City. I have them to thank them for recommending the best sandwich I have ever eaten in my life, the Panino con Porchetta, from Mercato Trionfale. After five of them, however, my stomach was not so grateful. 

Located in the Prati district, this small guest house is a short walk from Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the Castello San’Angello - perfect for an early morning trip to the Vatican.

Its the perfect base for a city break. 

Prices start at just £59. A veritable bargain and a right Roman hideaway

I stayed at Campanella3 as a guest. As usual, all options and views expressed here are entirely my own. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't write about it.