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The perfect romantic weekend in Florence

Lovers have scampered to Florence for centuries. Verona may have Romeo, and Venice may have singing gondoliers, but Florence has glorious hulking bistecca alla fiorentina steaks washed down with great carafes of rich chianti winesecluded walks in sprawling renaissance gardens, hill-top sunsets, and art, architecture and aperitivi aplomb. 

Florence is a city which doesn’t need too much of an itinerary, but if you’re planning a long weekend with your beloved, you’ll want to know how to make the most of it.

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An Insider's Guide to Bologna: Terracotta Towers and Tortellini


Tortellini. Lasagne. Mortadella. Bologna is a city which has earned its accolades as a gastronomic paradise by giving the world some of Italy’s best loved dishes, including that glorious rich meaty ragù we’ve all come to know and love as ‘bolognese’. There is a reason one of the city’s many nicknames is ‘la grassa’ (the fat one); it is where diets come to die. Here’s your insider’s guide.

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Notes on Napoli

I’ll be frank. I’d assumed my trip to Naples would entail a semi-joyless few days of inhaling tomato infused stodge, running around Roman ruins and artfully dodging both Italian gangs on the look-out for unfastened handbags and disappointed tourists in large hats regretting their decisions to venture out of well-trodden Sorento.

I was wrong. 

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Where to sleep in Rome: The Blue Hostel

Call me boring (you’re wrong) but is there any greater joy than that which when, you throw open the door to your new home for the night/weekend/fortnight, sweating profusely and dragging 20kg of luggage behind, you are greeted by the site of a beautiful hotel room, fitted with things (unlike your own house) which actually work and look fabulous at the same time?

I think not.

Such was my feeling when I entered my room at The Blue Hostel.

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