#6: La piscina

Took G off to swimming after school and hoped that I might be able to try and squeeze in an hours' worth of verbs but G was very surprised when I suggested I wouldn't be watching her, even though the pool is only at the bottom of the road. 

Ended up having to sit with the other mothers, pool side. 

One thing I have noticed is that the parents are very involved here. Involved to the extent that when we drop the children off at the school bus stop at the top of the road every morning, we all have to hang about standing in line, waving the children off until the bus is out of sight over the hill, as if they’re off somewhere much further afield than a ten minute walk down the road. 

Tried conjugating verbs by the pool but the other mothers started looking at me disdainfully when they saw me on my phone, so I ended up giving up and pretending to be engrossed in what was literally a group of ten year olds swimming lengths in ridiculous swimming caps. 

Very different to England, where you would usually be left hanging about at a village hall, waiting for your mother to pick you up after she’s deposited your siblings at various extra-curricular activities. Obviously that all stops as soon as you get your first oyster card through the post, and it’s ‘off you pop’.