#21: Further observations on the Italian diet..


1. Toast is not toast as we know it.

If someone says ‘Vuoi toast?’ they mean, do you want a toasted cheese and ham sandwich. Always. 

2. Putting cheese on Pasta con Peperoncino (chillis with garlic and oil) is a big no

...and putting cheese on any sort of pasta served with fish is akin to committing a cardinal sin 

3. Italians do eat late and you will end up having to have a snack at around 5 or 6pm.

By that I mean a big slab of focaccia or a big delicious ice-cream. Sometimes I feel like shouting, ‘IF WE ATE A BIT EARLIER WE WOULDN’T NEED ALL THE SNACKS AT NIGHT TIME’. 

4. Cappuccino is for the morning only.

And if you ask for un cafe you will get an espresso, which you will probably drink standing up at the bar and downing like a sambuca

5. Italians are really big on metabolisms and digestion. 

As soon as any child does any form of excersise they are directed to the nearest cafe and filled with food. If you are with an Italian and you plan on doing any form of exercise, be it a swim or strenuous walk, they’ll make you wait for an hour before letting you go. Even if you’ve only eaten a banana.