#24: Sto perdendo le mie parole..

I'm losing my words. 

I first noticed it the other day, when I tried to describe what supposedly happened to Jesus. I kept telling someone he was resuscitated, even though I knew they didn't have defibrillators back in B.C. It took me two hours to remember the word 'resurrection'. 

Then I couldn't remember the name for clingfilm. Describing that was a challenge. 

This is not a phenomenon I've encountered on any of the numerous expat blogs and websites I now regularly stalk. Google has no answer. 

It's not like I'm forgetting my native tongue because of an abundance of new Italian vocabulary either. I'm losing English words and not gaining brand spanking new Italian ones at the same rate. I know part of this is probably due to the fact that, when I'm not deftly describing something in present tense Italian, I'm describing it in broken present tense English. Soon I'm going to forget the conditional tense altogether, an abhorrent notion for any Englishman, since most of the things we say are based on what could have or should have happened but didn't. 

What I want to know is, where are the words going? Do I have to get DuoLingo in English too? I'm becoming increasingly concerned that pretty soon I'll have to practice English verb conjugations when I call my mother in London