#12: Carne & Cane - A lesson in the Italian language

Italians love their dogs. Dogs are allowed everywhere - in the supermarket, at the beach, on the train.  I’ve spotted one sitting on its own chair in a restaurant. 

Today I noted a particularly good-looking dog with a particularly approachable looking owner on the street. ‘Bingo’, I thought. 'They love their dogs- it's a perfect way to strike up a conversation. Compliment the dog and befriend the owner'. 

I approached the woman with a ‘che belle carne!’, complete with endearing smile and accompanying hand gesture. Instead of the enlightening conversation I'd envisaged, she just smiled back blankly, nodded and evacuated, in the same manner one does when approached by a drunk, old person on the night-bus. 

Apparently it's ‘il canne’ not ‘la carne’. 

Carne means meat.