#36: Marry me?

Air BnB has served me well in Bologna. I was anticipating a shabby, cheap single room type hovel on the outskirts of town, but I’ve spent two days living with an archetypal good looking, dark and hairy Italian man in Bologna. Such a tremendous act of willpower I have never known myself to exercise. 

He hails from Naples originally, edits films in his spare time for a film festival which raises money and awareness for refugees, and cooks better than Antonio Carluccio (my favourite of all the TV chefs). The first time he offered to cook I almost fell off stool, such plump perfect sausages and fresh pasta I have never known. 

He likes to talk about philosophy, love, family, bureaucracy - he is literally like the foreign love interest in a Marian Keyes novel. The best bit is that, because of the language barrier, when all the philosophy goes a bit over my head I can just make up a few English words and he assumes his English isn't up to scratch. 

After a pretty heavy conversation about Italian bureaucracy over a bottle of seriously decent Bonarda, he stared at me and said seriously ‘Alessandra. Raccommandazione is the most important word you need to know in the Italian language.  Everyone comes with a recommendation’. 

Wanted to leap over table and shout, ‘I can get recommendations! I’ll get references, just bloody marry me!’, but managed to restrain self and we went back to a conversation about Brexit.