#30: Young Love at the Bus Stop

Last night G assiduously laid out all of her clothes for school today, an entire outfit made of pink (very strange sight as usually she doesn't even change out of her pyjama top for school), asked me to wake her up at 7.30am (instead of usual ten mins before bus arrives) and brushed her hair (something I have never seen her do before). 

This morning, when I wake up, she's up already, trying to tease her hair into bunches. At eight o'clock she's telling me to hurry up and get out the house, a full fifteen minutes before bus is due to arrive. Very peculiar feeling not to start day by chasing school bus down the road trying to load ten year old girl onto it. 

It's not until we reach the bus stop that I realise I am party to some sort of early morning Italian date for two ten year olds. Awaiting her at the bus stop is Marco, a ten year old from up the street. 

She whispers to me 'stai ferme, stai ferme' (stay here) and orders me to wait behind bush, like some sort of bandit, whilst the two of them sit alone at the bus stop in silence holding hands. Is very sweet and heartwarming and I decide to leave them to their intimate rendezvous, sticking on DuoLingo and practicing some Italian from behind the bush. 

When G arrives home today she tells me that Marco thinks I'm very strange. Apparently DuoLingo volume was not as quiet as I'd thought and all that could be heard from bushes was automated Italian voice dictating phrases such as 'the chef's plate is in the kitchen, on top of the table' and 'the bee is inside the banana'.