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#30: Young Love at the Bus Stop

Last night G assiduously laid out all of her clothes for school today, an entire outfit made of pink (very strange sight as usually she doesn't even change out of her pyjama top for school), asked me to wake her up at 7.30am (instead of usual ten mins before bus arrives) and brushed her hair (something I have never seen her do before). 

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#22: Me and my new best mate

After a fantastic bonding session at Barbara’s dad’s 90th birthday, G’s 82 year old grandfather asked for my number. I was flattered. He’s the one who winks all the time, doesn't eat salt and likes to wind everyone up. 

This morning he sent me a message that read ‘VUOI FARE UNA PICCOLO PASSEAGATA?’ (Do you want to go for a little walk?) 

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#11: L'asilo - the nursery

I've started ‘volunteering’ at the nursery a couple of days a week. I use the term ‘volunteer’ loosely because it conjures up images of pensioners lending a helping hand at their local National Trust stately home or bored parents helping middle class children to learn to read on a Friday afternoon. 

It’s actually bloody hard work. 

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