Roman Food: Saltimbocca


This is typical Roman dish and a menu stalwart- appearing as a Secondo Piatto in restaurants and kitchens across the city. 

'Saltimbocca' literally means 'jump in your mouth'. Such an apt title for a dish I have never known - these tender, tasty little morsels of meat literally melt in your mouth.  

It's a simple and happy combination - small veal cutlets, lined with prosciutto and sage leaves.  

I've included the recipe below but it's so simple it would probably take you longer to read a haiku. 


Take the small veal cutlets and lightly fry in a high quality olive oil. Take a cocktail stick and layer a sage leaf on top of a piece of prosciutto. As soon as the veal begins to colour, pierce the cocktail stick through the meat to soak up all of those lovely juices. Add a splash of white wine if you fancy and serve hot.