Italian-English Fusion Restaurants


When talking about food, blending different cultures is an effective way to create new recipes. In a way, it’s like mixing different colours and strokes to create a painting, but in this case, the aim is to satisfy the taste buds more than the eyes.

The term ‘fusion’ is widely used in this context, so let’s take a look at some restaurants which fuse two distinct culinary practices together: Italian and English cuisines. In this article we will look at two wonderful restaurants in both England and Italy. 

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Guest postAlessandra D'Almo
Mercato Metropolitano

When I moved to Italy I had a sort of epiphany. ‘What London needs’, thought I, ‘is a place which provides the British populace with good regional Italian food. Not just Italian food. We’ve got enough restaurants serving up various pasta shapes and polpette under the ubiquitous umbrella of ‘Italian cuisine’. No, it needs the sort of place you can buy a good Pugliese burrata and enjoy tortellini en brodo the way they serve it in Bologna. Or the sort of place one might find proper pesto.

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