Italian-English Fusion Restaurants


When talking about food, blending different cultures is an effective way to create new recipes. In a way, it’s like mixing different colours and strokes to create a painting, but in this case, the aim is to satisfy the taste buds more than the eyes.

The term ‘fusion’ is widely used in this context, so let’s take a look at some restaurants which fuse two distinct culinary practices together: Italian and English cuisines. In this article we will look at two wonderful restaurants in both England and Italy. 

Bramble Bar and Kitchen

A blog post from Hilton Hostels recommended Bramble Bar and Kitchen in its ‘Where to Eat in Rome’ list. Located in Via Vicenza, the founders of the restaurant called it an ‘Italian fusion’ restaurant which challenges the only other fusion category available around the area: Asian fusion.

The restaurant has several Italian-infused listings on its menu including American and Mediterranean, but for the English section, the offerings include Omelette con prosciutto, Seared sea bream/sea bass fillet with potatoes and cherry tomatoes, as well as a wide selection of tea.

(credit: Trip Advisor) 

(credit: Trip Advisor) 


Situated along Via Cimone in Rome, Dondolo focuses more on breakfast menu items and baked goods. According to its website, the restaurant “reinvents Anglo-Saxon cuisine through Italian tradition.” 

Dondolo’s menu includes everything from English muffins and eggs benedict to pancakes, salads, and numerous sandwich creations. The schedule of the restaurant varies depending on what day it is, so be sure to check beforehand.

Credit: Tomato

Credit: Tomato

Rosso A la Carte

Rosso A la Carte in Manchester was described by STYLEetc magazine as a “flamboyant fusion of Italian and English cookery.” The place can be found in Spring Gardens, inside a building, which is more than a century old.

Regarding the food, Manchester Confidential highlighted recent culinary creations from the restaurant which includes Prosciutto San Danielle with smoked mozzarella, the Porchetta: roasted pork belly with a slew of seasonings and sauces, and Bruschetta Pomodoro: toasted crusty bread topped with cherry tomatoes, red onion, olives and basil.

(Credit: Manchester Confidential)

(Credit: Manchester Confidential)

The Perfectionists’ Cafe

Last but not least is a destination you need not venture deep within England to reach. The Perfectionists’ Café is located inside Heathrow Airport, the main gateway to the nation’s capital: London.

In a blog post entitled 'Heathrow in Search of Perfection', it was mentioned by Parking4Less that the restaurant was among the noteworthy additions along with other improvements in terms of security, stores, dining choices, and transport: from planes down to public vehicles and several  parking options in Heathrow Airport recently added to its vast infrastructure. These were all implemented in the hopes of enhancing passenger travel experiences.

The Perfectionists’ Café is the creation of British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal and The Upcoming went as far as declaring that the restaurant has reinvented airport food. Apart from classic English dishes, The Perfectionists’ Café also has several Italian fusion creations, such as the Antipasti Board, Four Vegetable Pizza, La Notizia “no tomato” Pizza, and a personal favourite: Ricotta, Cherry Tomatoes and Green Salad. Of course to complete your meal, Italian wine is available, too.

(Credit: Yelp – Julie M)

(Credit:Yelp – Julie M)

Guest postAlessandra D'Almo