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It will come as no surprise to you all that there is no singular traditional christmas lunch deal in Italy, although having deprived themselves of meat on Christmas Eve, generally everybody eats meat on the 25th. Loosely speaking, an Italian christmas lunch will comprise antipasti, pasta, plates of meat, vegetables, and a desert (usually always panettone, along with a local festive specialty).  Unsurprisingly, what these courses actually consist of differ hugely from region to region.

To illustrate this I’ve created an (almost!) game! You'll find eight regional variations on christmas lunch (A-E) below - see if you can guess where they’re from. 

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Eight weird and wonderful traditions which still take place in Italy over Christmas

 I am fully aware that not all of you will be, as I am, spending Christmas eve back at their parents house dressed in fleece pyjamas and eagerly awaiting the annual viewing of The Grinch. Perhaps you're knocking back a robust red and nibbling cheese straws at Tim and Audrey's Christmas 'do' or spilling cider over Adam Chandler (your year 11 crush) at the annual christmas eve reunion. 

 In Val d’Aosta, however, some of them will be dolling themselves up for the annual midnight ski, which will see hundreds of them literally ski down an Alpine peak into Christmas day by torch-lit procession. In Abruzzo, some of them might well be enjoying the ‘ballo della puppa’, the ‘exploding puppet woman’, which sees some poor sod climb into a large papier mache mannequin of a woman laden with fireworks and dance about to folk music whilst fireworks blow off of him in a very un-risk averse pyrotechnic show.  Go on, have a read

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